Buying Guide: How to Buy Stylish Sling backs


The slingback is a popular shoe style that is adored by many women for its sassy, and sometimes even sexy, look. These dressy women’s shoes have an interesting name, but the logic behind it is actually quite simple. Rather than having traditional straps that go over the foot and the ankle, slingbacks have a single strap that runs around the back of the foot from the ankle on one side to near the arch on the other side. They are similar in overall style to pumps, except that the heel of the foot is open and exposed instead of being completely enclosed inside the back of the shoe.

This guide will provide information about the different types of slingbacks that are available as well as provide a few tips for wearing them.

Styles of Slingbacks: Although the strap running behind the foot gives all slingbacks a particular look, other characteristics of these shoes can vary a great deal. They may have high heels, low heels, or even wedge heels. They may be open or closed at the toes or sit on two-inch platforms. The following chart outlines many of the different styles available as a slingback shoe.

Classic Slingbacks: Classic slingbacks have a very traditional look that closely resembles classic pumps, but with the difference being slingbacks’ open-heeled backs. This style has a very basic, dressy look and does not usually feature adornments of any kind. Classic slingbacks are available in black, white, beige, or other neutral colors, and they are typically made from leather, suede, or some other similar type of material. Heel height generally ranges between two inches and three inches, although it is possible to find classic slingbacks with a flat or very negligible heel.

Fashion Slingbacks: Fashion slingbacks primarily differ from classic styles by virtue of the boldness of their look. Fashion styles may have bold embellishments, such as colored glass stones, bows, beads, sequins, or glitter, or they may be made from fancier materials, such as satin or lace. Other styles may have bold designs or patterns, such as snakeskin or zebra print. In some cases, color choice can turn a classic style into a shoe that would no longer be suitable for work.

Kitten Heel Slingbacks: Kitten heel slingbacks are a popular choice for women who like the look of somewhat sexy heels but do not enjoy the discomfort that can sometimes go along with wearing very high heels. This style features a relatively short heel of about one inch to two inches in a style that is reminiscent of a short stiletto.

Peep – Toe Slingbacks: Peep-toe openings can add the perfect touch of pizzazz to a fashionable pair of slingbacks. This style features a small cut-out at the very front of the shoe that allows just a peek at the toes. Some styles can be more open-toed than peep-toed, but the opening is usually not very large, because it can sometimes be difficult to stop the foot from sliding too far towards the front of the shoe if the opening is too wide.

Wedge Slingbacks

Wedge slingbacks are a very popular style choice for many women. Wedge heels are essentially solid heels that run from the ball of the foot to the back of the foot in a wedge-like shape. Many women find this type of heel to be more comfortable for long-term wear, probably because of the additional support under the arch of the foot.

Stiletto Slingbacks

Stiletto slingbacks are a sexy favorite of truly daring women. They feature stiletto heels, which are very thin heels that are typically four inches to six inches high. Many styles are closed-toe because of the added risk of sliding in such a high heel, but it is also possible to find peep-toe and open-toe stiletto slingbacks.

Slingback Prevents from Slipping

Slingback straps can either buckle at the ankle, or they may have strong elastic embedded in the straps at the back of the foot. The most common complaint the women have about slingback shoes is that the straps can sometimes slip off the back of their foot, which makes the shoes difficult to walk in and wear. Slingbacks with buckles on their straps have this problem less often, but slingbacks with elastic straps may eventually start to stretch out and cause the wearer problems.

Many women adore stylish shoes, and fashionable slingbacks are a popular style choice. They are available in numerous styles, including slingbacks with kitten heels, French heels, wedge heels, and even sexy stiletto heels. Neutral colors without embellishments are great for office wear, while bold patterns, prints, and colors are great for a night out with friends. Whatever their needs may be, women who love shoes are almost guaranteed to find stylish slingbacks that perfectly suit their personal tastes.