Buying Guide: How to Buy Wedges


Wedges are one of the many options women have when it comes to footwear. These shoes are named after the heel that is shaped like a wedge. Unlike the typical high heel, this one runs the length of the shoe from back to front or the middle of the shoe. Wedges have been around for quite a few decades and have gone in and out of style a number of times. Although wedge sandals might be the most popular style, women can also purchase wedge boots and wedge pumps. When choosing the right wedge, a women needs to take various factors into consideration, including color, material, the width and height of the heel, as well as various design elements.

Types of Wedges

Nowadays, there are many different types of wedges from which a woman can choose. Some of the various styles include sandals, boots, and pumps. Sandals are what one may think of when it comes to wedges. These wedges are often made of cork, canvas, or jute. These sandals have heels of varying heights to fit different occasions.

Wedge Boots

Although many women think of wedges as being worn in the summer, wedge boots are also available for wearing in other seasons. These are a good option to add height, but tend to be easier to walk in than stiletto boots. This makes them a better option for wintry weather while still being stylish. There are a variety of wedge boots, such as ankle type of wedge boot.

Wedge Pumps

Pumps are also available with wedge heels. These are suitable for more formal occasions or even the office. They may be more comfortable and practical to wear all day than regular pumps, but they can still be stylish. Peep toe wedges can be professional and fun at the same time.

Things to Consider for Choosing Wedges

Since there are so many options available in wedges, it may be difficult to choose a good pair. Some factors the buyer should consider are color, the height and width of heel, what materials the shoes are made of, and other possible elements. It is important that the buyer thinks about her own style and whether the shoes need to match a specific outfit when shopping for wedges.


Wedges come in a wide range of colors. If a woman is looking for a wedge that goes with most of her outfits, she should choose a neutral color such as brown, black, navy blue, nude, or white. After getting a basic staple, a woman might consider a vibrant color for her next pair of wedges. Choosing a wedge sandal in a bright color is an easy way to make a statement.

Width of Heel

One may think of wedges having heels of the same width, but there are variations available. Chunkier heels look better with thicker calves because they balance each other out. A woman with thinner calves should look for a smaller heel and a daintier wedge.

Height of the Heel

Wedges vary considerably in height. The height of the heel should depend on the occasion, how comfortable woman is walking in heels, and her outfit. Below are the different heel heights a woman might consider when shopping for wedges.


The style of a wedge and the image it portrays is greatly affected by the material used to make the wedges. Cork and jute convey the idea of a summer sandal that looks great with sundresses and flowing skirts. Canvas is also a causal material. Leather and synthetic materials can be used for dressier wedges.


Many wedges have some kind of design on the side of the wedge. Wedges may come with various design elements, such as bows and flowers. Other options are sparkling costume gems. These accessories can spice up shoes by adding a little drama and creative flair.

Different styles of wedges can actually be worn for various occasions. These shoes can be worn for everyday, the office, and formal events. Despite having many uses, there are some cases where the wearing of wedges is not always appropriate. A woman should know when to wear wedges as well as when not to wear them.