Buying Guide: How to Buy Women’s Ferragamo Shoes


Few shoes carry the brand recognition and prestige as a Salvatore Ferragamo shoes. The designer combines classic elements with sleek, modern designs to create gorgeous heels perfect for formal occasions. Selecting the right Ferragamo shoes for special events simply means browsing through the styles available, finding an appropriate pair for the occasion, and matching the shoes to your outfit.

Fortunately for women both short and tall, Ferragamo manufactures a wide variety of different styles of heels and heel heights. From kitten heels to 4-inch stilettos, you can find a Ferragamo heel that is appropriate for a cocktail party, wedding, or black-tie ball. Here is a quick rundown of the various styles of heels.

For formal occasions, buyers can choose from a variety of materials, colors, patterns, and embellishments. An embellishment is typically a special designer detail added to the toe of the shoe.

Peep-toe pumps are generally less formal than closed-toe shoes, and pointy-toed shoes produce a sexier effect. Always match the color, pattern, and embellishment to your outfit. And if you wear a simple dress, pair it with a flashier shoe; if you wear an extravagant outfit, pair it with a more demure shoe.

Ferragamo embellishments are relatively simple and not meant to detract from the rest of the shoe or an outfit, but rather they are meant to complement the other elements of an ensemble. Formal occasions could range from a celebrity-filled music launch party to an elegant wedding to opening night at the opera. Not all Ferragamo shoes work for every formal event.

Graceful, playful, and elegant, Salvatore Ferragamo shoes are impeccable choices for formal occasions. Since the brand releases such a wide variety of styles, colors, and patterns, it is easy to find the right pair for your event. Look for an appropriate heel height and style, choose between an open or closed toe, and look for the right color, pattern, or embellishment. Once you acquire a fabulous pair, get ready to flaunt your new look at your next formal event.