Buying Guide: How to Choose Men’s Loafers


Men’s loafers are flat, slip-on shoes that don’t contain any laces and are similar to moccasins. Another term for a loafer can be a slipper, as these shoes easily slip on and off. Loafers are versatile and can be worn in a variety of situations, from the everyday casual to the more formal workplace, since there are varying styles, colors, and materials of which loafers are made.

Loafers are a flat and low shoe, but some dressier models feature a low heel, and pair well with a suit or dress pants. When one thinks of a loafer, the term “penny loafer” comes to mind. In fact, a penny loafer is just one type of men’s loafer that exists among the vast variety of styles of loafers available on the market.

Types of Loafers

Loafers are normally worn with socks, but some men prefer to wear them without socks, especially if the loafer is made out of a more sturdy material, such as leather. They are many types of Loafer for men.

Penny Loafers

These loafers were designed with a diamond shape on the top of the shoe. These looks best with Casual or dress wear; penny loafers with a narrow profile are better for dress clothes.

Mocassin Loafers:

Mocassin loafers contain a thick weave that goes around the upper part of the shoe, also called the vamp (the area between the top of the ankle and toes).This can be worn with casual clothing, and can be worn around the home.

Italian Loafers

Italian loafers normally contain a metal strap across the top of the shoe. Business attire, jeans, or dress slacks suits very well these loafers

Plain Loafers

Plain loafers are sleek and normally made of leather. It can be worn with Casual and dress wear.

Suede Loafers

Just as the name states, Suede loafers are made of suede material.Best paired with jeans for a casual, timeless look.

Tuxedo Loafer

Tuxedo loafers are made of patent leather. It can be worn for Formal occasions such as a black tie event.

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a loafer to purchase. It is best to choose a loafer that fits your lifestyle. If you are a casual person who does not dress up much, choose a pair of loafers that are on the casual side. Likewise, if you dress up a lot for work or special events, choose a loafer that is on the formal side.

When it comes to price, the more money you spend the higher quality of a loafer you will get. Most high-quality loafers last until the sole has disappeared. Choose a neutral color loafer so you can be sure your loafers go with all of your outfits. When it comes to fit, buy a loafer that fits your foot like a glove. Over time, the loafer will loosen so it is important the loafer just fits to begin with.

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