Look Great and Go Great With Car Shoes

Sometimes, you just need a simple shoe. Something that slips on easily, looks great when (moderately) dressed up, and most importantly, is comfortable for long periods of time. Enter the car shoe, a modern version of the moccasin, a shoe worn by the indigenous peoples in the globe. Car shoes are many people’s favorite go-to travel shoe. They’re turning into their go-to everything shoe. They’re amazingly versatile – they may be the most versatile shoes you own.


When you’re wearing a driving shoe, you’re allowed to go sockless. They were made to accommodate a bare foot. Simply slip on a pair and head out for the afternoon. Worried about your car shoes getting funky? If you HAVE to wear socks with them, break out the finest pair of invisible/no-show socks. They’ll keep your feet covered without adding lines where you don’t want them. Also, keep your feet clean, and give your sockless shoes a break every so often.

Wondering whether to wear shorts or pants with your driving shoes? The answer: wear either. You can make these shoes look good both ways. They’re that versatile!

Um, Driving. Duh.

That’s what they’re made for.  Start wearing them too much, and you just may have to pair them with a classic 911 or Triumph sports car.  Not a bad problem to have.  Take your sports car and find yourself a good road, like this one.

For Workplace

Need a casual shoe for the office? Look no further than the driving shoe. It’s a great option for laid-back days when you have to be in the office, but don’t need to break out the dress chinos, dress shirt and blazer.


Though car shoes can be worn for an evening out on the town, if that evening consists of hiking, or an extended walk around the city, consider an alternative. This shoe is ultimately made for hanging out, short walks, and of course, driving. They can wear down more quickly since they’re not made for strenuous use.


Don’t be afraid to let your car shoes stand out! Incorporating brighter colors can look great when paired with a more modest look. Remember the chinos/dress shirt/blazer combination? Wear that combo in a darker blue and pair with some lighter, brighter, driving mocs, and you’re good to go!

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