Ankle Boots Vs Booties


Do you Boots differ from Booties? Yes, there is a difference between ankle boots and booties, but both are a hot trend right now. Ankle boots end 1 to 4 inches above your ankle, where booties generally end right at the ankle.

No matter what style you decided on, take into account what outfits you want to pair them with and you will be sure of a safe bet!

Whether you love them or hate them, ankle boots and booties are generally a trend that is usually sticking around, at least for this year. Once a trend outlier, the ankle boot and bootie been employed by their way into mainstream fashion over the past couple of years.

Booties are usually more of half footwear, half shoe look. They stop either presents itself your foot or just at your ankle. Booties could also have a peep toe or even cut out sections the location where the ankle boot is generally solid throughout.

Ankle boots could stop anywhere from around 1 inch up from your ankle to 4 inches. Once they go past four inches we can be moving into your mid calf boot category. Ankle boots are a bit more practical and can be worn by most. The most popular way to wear them right now is with tights or leggings and a nice sweater dress or hoodie dress. They can be worn with wide leg pants or cute skinny jeans as well.

Cute ankle boots with embellishments like buckles, embroidery or metalwork add a bit of style to an outfit when worn with solid color leggings or a pair of plain skinny jeans.

If wearing an ankle boot with a skirt, be wary of the skirt’s length. Avoid hemlines that hit mid-calf or just cover the knee. Hemlines of this length when paired with an ankle boot can make your legs seem short.  A pair of black tights worn with black ankle boots and a skirt that sits just above the knee creates a beautiful line and a great outfit for work or play.

Booties: Style with boyfriend jeans, and roll the bottoms so a little ankle shows, which elongates your legs. Pair your booties with trousers for an “office chic” look, but make sure they’re slim cut, and end above the ankle. There should be a tiny bit of room between the boots and your pants. If they are cut too long, you can always roll them.

More than booties, ankle boots are comfortable and easy to fit with any kind of right outfit. Balenciaga flat ankle boots in black Lambskin, Dolce & Gabbana rain ankle boots in leopard Rubber, Leonardo Handmade men’s ankle boots in black calf leather are the popular ankle boots which are preferred a lot.