Top 5 Italian Brands to make you Look Stunning

Who doesn’t love the look and feel of Italian-made shoes? What are the best Italian shoe brands in the market? The best Italian shoes are usually made with 100% genuine leather and are often hand-made and excellent craftsmanship to deliver such a fine product. The durability of an Italian shoe will literally last a lifetime. So before thinking about cost, remember that you’ll have it forever!

Many companies make shoes, but an Italian-made shoe is unique. Few have ever had the luxury of knowing what it’s like to wear a shoe that was completely handcrafted by a great Italian shoe company! When you wear an Italian shoe, you will be known for your status, trend-savvy taste, and you can rest assured that it will never go out of style!

This list refers to companies that specialize in  Italian shoes and features the most popular ones with makers such as Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Tod’s, and Giuseppe Zanotti.

Giuseppe Zanotti: Giuseppe Zanotti’s funky designs have made them the remarkable shoemaker of choice for rock stars. This manufacturer’s unique taste is evident in his avant-garde styles inspired by glam rock glitter and punk rock zips. They specialize in embroidered and jewelled footwear whether for whimsical high-top sneakers or soaring pumps.

Gucci: Gucci shoes are very special for its exclusive design and outstanding quality.  When we say Italian shoes, the first brand comes to our mind is Gucci. They have captivated the market with this extreme dedication in designing shoes and their knowledgeable marketing strategy.

Prada: Known for its superb leather craftsmanship, Miuccia Prada extended the product range to include footwear. Since then, Miuccia has shown a talent for experimentation, creating shoes, boots and sandals in plastic and nylon as well as leather. The Prada group also includes other brands including Miu Miu and English shoe company Church’s

Salvatore Ferragamo: They were passionate about foot, studying anatomy to ensure they could create the best-fitting shoes and the most innovative styles. Even shortages of raw materials failed to dampen their enthusiasm as they turned to raffia, wool and felt to make shoes

Serigo Rossi: Sergio began selling handmade designs to boutiques in Bologna, including his popular Opanca light sandal with the sole curved around the foot. Rossi began to collaborate with designer Gianni Versace and later produced shoes for the collections of other top fashion houses including Dolce & Gabbana and Azzedine Alaïa.

Tod’s: Tod’s is the brainchild of businessman Diego Della Valle. Diego launched Tod’s, making it into an international brand thanks to a mix of business savvy and marketing nouse. He famously persuaded the head of Fiat, Gianni Agnelli, to wear Tod’s driving moccasins to televised soccer matches. The publicity the product placement created led to a spike in sales.