Casual Shoes for Great Weekend

When the weekend rolls around, you want to forget the nine-to-five style you’ve been sporting all week and relax a little bit. Whether you are planning on getting groceries, spending an afternoon in the park or simply want to go get coffee with a special someone, here are some great shoe styles to check pair with your casual weekend look.

Ballet Flats:

If comfort is a big priority for your weekend look, ballet flats will fit right in. They are low, so you don’t have to worry about the discomfort you may feel with heels. The great part about flats is that you can get them in almost any color, pattern, texture and material you can imagine, so every outfit can be accurately accessorized.  Gucci studded Camellia leather ballet flats shoes looks great for week end

Knee-High Boots:

This look brings with it an air of sophistication because these shoes resemble riding boots. You can find knee-high boots in a variety of heel sizes, so if you are never without a great heel, you can find it in this type of shoe. Knee-high boots are often neutral in color, but you can pair light browns with dark tights to get a fun, contrasting look in your outfit. Casadei black luxury leatehr knee high boots, Fendi knee high boots in black llama Leather fur lining, Lanvin hidden heel knee high boots in black Leather, Marni women’s black Suede knee high boots shoes are great to pair with casual dresses.


Weekend will never be full-filled without slippers. These are just some of the shoe styles you can mix and match with your casual weekend attire. If you aren’t leaving the house, remember that a good pair of slippers goes great with anything! Casadei women’s slippers in gold metal and leather, Ménghi women’s thong slippers in black rubber, Prada women slippers sandals in brown Leather are great branded slippers

Carry all these shoes for great week end. Have a happy and rocking weekend…