Top 5 Italian Shoes for Men

Let’s see top 5 Italian brands which left mark in their appearance, comfort, cost and overall experience. Each design house offers its own line of high-quality footwear, including casual and formal pairs. Check the below mentioned top 5 Men’s Shoes.

Gucci:  When its Italian shoes, the first brand comes into mind is Gucci. As a high-class design house, Gucci supplies a broad range of formal shoes that work equally well at the opera or the office. However, Gucci also designs fantastic Italian shoes for the buyer who wants something more casual. Interesting twists on traditional shoe design make these products high-end, practical, and fun to wear.

Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes: not only created great vibration in women’s shoes but also they do outstanding work in men’s shoes also. These shoes are for their handmade quality, sleek silhouettes, and high-end materials. From Derbys to wingtips to slip-ons, these shoes come in classy, eye-pleasing designs and neutral shades.

Prada: In addition to its widely craved handbags and women’s shoes, Prada also produces shoes for men. The Prada leather high-top sneaker is high fashion’s nod to the past. Like Prada’s other footwear, the sneakers come straight from Italy and boast leather upper and lining as well as a comfortably padded interior. Prada also produces dress shoes.

Gianvito Rossi Shoes
With an emphasis on casual, luxurious comfort for the modern male, Gianvito Rossi produces shoes like dark blue high-tops, orange leather sneakers, and slip-on sneakers with a loafer look. Quirky yet posh, these shoes incorporate top-quality materials that ensure long-lasting wear.

Hogan Shoes
Perfect for the man who likes a touch of glamour, Hogan shoes for men incorporate elegant design touches. They are always known for their sneakers all over the world.

Italian shoes are speaks for itself by their comfort and durability. The listed shoes are just few, there are plenty of shoes which really render excellent comfort to your feet and add grace to your look.