5 Shoes Every Man Needs – Ultimate Fashion Style

There is a popular saying that spending money on the things that separate you from the ground is worth the investment: Tires, bed, mattress, and, most importantly, shoes. Because there are shoes every man needs.

Men love shoes. It may go against the grain of an archaic gender stereotype, but lurking deep inside most men is a zest for footwear. Certainly no man is slamming down whiskey shots while bragging about how many shoes they own, but the passion is there.

Oxfords: Like most dress shoes, oxfords traditionally come in black, cordovan, brown, burgundy, oxblood, chestnut, and occasionally, white. Oxfords are good all-around dress shoes that are appropriate for numerous occasions. For formal affairs, revert to black oxfords made of highly polished, shiny leather, as well as heels and soles that are sleek and have as little bulk as possible

Loafers: The distinguishing feature of all loafers, however, is a lack of laces or buckles. Traditionally made from leather, loafers are slip-on shoes that resemble a moccasin on top, but have a wide and fairly flat heel. Many loafers have tassels, although these are often dispensed with nowadays. Penny loafers have a strap across the upper portion of the shoe, which was originally designed to hold change or an ornament.

Leather Lace-Up Boot: For something classic that offers particularly good cost per wear, we’d go for a pair of rugged leather lace-up boots, ideally with rubber soles for resilience and to keep you sure-footed during inclement weather. A style like this will transcend trends as well as lend itself to dressing up or down – teaming equally well with tailoring during the working week as with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt at the weekend.

Brown Leather Brogue: Whether tan, chocolate, russet or chestnut, a pair of brown leather brogues will slot seamlessly into your wardrobe and team well with plenty of outfit permutations, from smart to smart-casual, as well as many of the hues you already own, particularly navy and grey.

Chukkas: Chukkas are the business casual of boots; They’re unpretentious and comfortable, yet look sharp enough for most social occasions where you’re trying to make an impression on someone that you’re not a slob who exclusively wears worn-out sneakers to the bar.

The brands like Tan calf italian leather men’s chukka boots handmade, Hogan Rebel men’s high sneakers in blue suede leather, Gucci men’s leather fringed brogue lace-up shoes, Dolce & Gabbana men’s sneakers in black Suede leather, Prada men’s sneakers in black Shiny calf leather, Burgundy horse leather plain cap toe men’s dress boots are the shoes you can consider before buying any other brands.

Ultimately, there is no golden rule or set formula with regards to building the ‘perfect shoe collection’, as tastes are bound to differ.  Carefully consider which styles you really need, and then shop around for a good deal to build a footwear collection that’s the definition of timeless and versatile.