Stella McCartney shoes – Stylish and Eco Friendly

stella mccartney shoes

It seems that in the last few years, the environment has forced its way into most people’s consciousness from the sheer weight of bleak predictions about the implications of rapid global temperature rise. The clothing and shoe industries have long escaped any negative scrutiny, but recently it’s become clear that their environmental impact is as damaging as any other. Many chemicals traditionally employed to treat and dye fabrics are carcinogenic and serious pollutants if allowed to escape to rivers and streams. This equally applies to the chemicals used to tan leather in shoe uppers and the petroleum based rubber used in the soles.

For quite a while people who wanted an alternative to shoes made with leather and other animal products were out of luck. However many brands now offer their own line of shoes for vegans and many retailers carry these specialty items now. Prior to this most footwear, including running shoes, boots, slippers and more were made from animal products. In the later years of the 20th century, however, the shoes became more and more popular. Now designers like Stella McCartney and brands like Adidas are teaming up to offer solutions for the animal-conscious.

Stella McCartney renders eco friendly shoes as they never use fur or leather in their footwear. This footwear is so ideal as it’s like by many celebrities like JESSICA Alba who loves and likes to wear it. JESSICA Alba is the latest celebrity to be seen her stuff in Stella McCartney’s infamous platform shoes. Stella McCartney shoe collection features many latest collections like wooden mid-soles, a saw-edge rubber soles and a seriously chunky squared toe. These shoes are available in various shades like nude pink, metallic silver and even a funky star print.

Stella McCartney shoes not only satisfies your style and look but also it helps you in using the vegan shoes.