Top 5 Shoes Every Woman Should Own


Many women experience the same scenario time after time when dressing for different occasions. One look in the closet may lead to the question, “which shoes do I wear with this outfit?”

For some women, it may be easy to take a more liberal view at the shoe store and purchase a very wide variety of shoes, some only to match one particular outfit. This is not practical, nor is it budget-friendly, and will surely lead to a very full shoe rack with a number of pairs of shoes that are rarely worn.

With the following types of shoes, any type of outfit can be accommodated with just the right shoes, and women are freed from the stress of those what-to-wear moments.

Basic Pumps: Women seeking that sleek and sexy look often turn to their basic pump, not to be confused with high heels, to complete their ensemble. A basic pump grips the foot primarily at the toe and heel. This woman’s dress shoe has a moderate to high heel, typically measuring 2.5 centimeters or less in height.

Boots: Boots, especially black boots, are essential and come in different cuts. Knee – high and over – the – knee black leather boots are classics that can make a look complete. Boots are traditionally made from leather or rubber, although many boots may also be found in suede and other materials.

Ballet Flats: Ballet flats are shoes with no heel that are designed to look much like ballerina slippers. Ballet flats may be worn with everyday dresses and jeans for a Parisian flair. These shoes are also comfortable to wear after a long night out wearing high heels. Ballet flats are available in satin, leather, velvet, suede, canvas, and other man-made materials.

Ballet shoes are available in a wide variety of colors for any style preference.

Ankle Booties: Appropriate for fall fashion, ankle booties are a popular go-to pair of shoes. They can be worn with jeans by day, or with certain looks at night.

Booties in black, nude and suede are popular choices when a woman wants more coverage on her foot, yet still wants the feel of wearing a heel.

Wedges: A popular pairing with spring and summer outfits, wedges may be paired with casual shorts or denim and are sure to give the wearer a lift. A wedge has a heel extending from the back of the shoe to the front of the shank, and a tread that is formed by an extension of the sole.

Shoes of all varieties are widely available in general shoe stores, shoe departments of many chain clothing stores, and most preferably in online.