How to Wear Men’s Boots Fashionably


With the arrival of new seasons comes a range of new pieces to add to your shoe collection. While most of men’s shoes remain the same all throughout the year, with only colors and materials being changed, there are some styles that you can pretty much only wear right now. One of them is the boot.

This is a bit of a touchy topic, because not all men are comfortable wearing boots unless they are of the functional variety. Some shy away from boots for their everyday style, and that’s a real shame. Wearing the right pair of boots with the right outfit can bring a level of sophistication and sartorial mastery that’s not quite there in any other shoe type. It’s not a question of should you wear them, but that of how you should.

When loafers are too dressy and sandals are too casual, men’s boots give you the perfect balance for your outfit. Men’s boots are always casual enough to wear with a regular pair of jeans. So once you have a good, solid pair of boots, what should you wear with them? Here are some of the best ways to wear men’s boots:

Boots with Khakis: Boots always look great with a pair of khakis. Try a casual chukka or desert boot for a laid-back look. Wearing a pair of men’s boot with khakis is perfect for gong out or lounging around. Some boots with khakis may be suitable for work, depending on your job’s dress code and work atmosphere.

Boots with Jeans:  Boots go so well with some kind of jeans. This look never goes out of style and works well for almost any occasion. Whether you wear a fancy work boot, an edgy motorcycle boot, or a casual desert boot, a pair of jeans looks sharp with any boot style. This look is also comfortable, making it ideal for a day out or for times when you are on your feet a lot.

Boots with Dress Pants: Wearing a boot with any kind of dress pant or slack can really polish off your business suit or dressy attire, but it’s important to pick the right style of boot. A motorcycle or combat boot won’t do, but a short leather boot that resembles similar qualities of a loafer style will do the trick.

Pair boots with right pants to get that complete look. Crop your pants, or cuff them to the right length because boots go higher than normal shoes, your regular length pants are guaranteed to look funny when you to wear them together. Never tuck your pants into your boots
The reason the previous tip exists is so people won’t have to commit this atrocity. Tucked pants just do NOT look good. When buying boots, try some branded ones like Dolce & Gabbana men’s boots in Dark Brown Leather, Leonardo Handmade men’s ankle boots in black calf leather, Prada men’s chelsea boots in Dark Brown Calf leather to render the complete look.