Women Shoes Buying Guide: How to Buy Wedges Sandals


A wedge sandal is a shoe that is shaped like a wedge (think of a door stop), with the heel being the highest point of the shoe. Many women prefer wedge sandals over traditional high heels because the bottom of the shoe has a larger surface area, making it easier to walk. Wedge sandals are also perfect for outdoor events because they will not sink into mud or grass.

Wedge sandals can vary drastically in height, from the low wedge sandal to the incredibly high platform wedge sandal. Wedges come in many different designs, including t-straps, ankle straps, flip-flop style, clog style, cage style, and even boot style.

Choosing a Wedge Sandal: Most women do not have endless shoe budgets, which mean they will need to be choosy when selecting a wedge sandal for the year. Every woman can find a wedge sandal to suit her liking since the shoes come in so many different styles, colors, designs, and heel heights.

Buyers can use the following criteria to determine which type of sandal will suit their needs the best.

Formality Level: Wedges come in all formality levels, with options that will fit in at even the most formal wedding to options that will fit perfectly at an outdoor barbeque. Wedges with rhinestones and colored in metallic hues are more formal than wedges covered in gingham fabric. Higher heel heights usually look more formal than low wedge sandals. Embellishments like flowers, rivets, and embroidery increase the formality level of a wedge. Embellishments like spikes, charms, rope, and buttons reduce the formality of the wedge.

Shoe Material: Wedge sandals range in material from leather to plastic and everything in between. Where the buyer will wear the shoe will determine the right material to get. Wearing the shoes outdoors calls for sturdy materials, such as synthetic leather or rubber. Wearing the shoes indoors opens up more material options, including more delicate materials like fabric, leather, cork, and jute. Natural materials tend to hold up better long-term, while inexpensive synthetic materials offer a lower price point but may wear out faster.

Heel Height: Buyers should consider their lifestyle when selecting a heel height. Wedges are easier to walk in than heels, but high wedges can still be challenging. Buyers will need to consider the environment where they will wear the shoe. An outdoor wedding, for example, will call for a lower heel height than a night out with friends. Buyers should choose a lower heel height when walking on difficult terrain, like rocks, sand, or hills, or for longer distances. Higher heel heights work well in indoor environments.

Wedge Color: Choosing the color involves thinking about what function the wedge sandal will have as part of an outfit. Will it stand out as a statement piece or blend in with the rest of the outfit? Should the wedge sandals work with many different outfits or just one in particular?

Neutral colors like brown, white, and black are classic and go with many outfits. Unusual colors, like green, wedges with patterns, pink, or orange will coordinate with fewer outfits but offer more personality. Vintage wedge sandals also provide a lot of personality to an outfit and come in many different styles and colors.

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