Women Trend: How to wear Espadrilles Fashionably

Make it fun with espadrilles! If you are looking for the shoes which are both comfy and fashion statement then we would recommend espadrilles. Espadrilles are light summer flats, which are generally made of some natural materials and have specific flexible soles, which are made of rope or rubber as a rule. The comfort they offer is irreplaceable, and summer is the ideal time for its integration into everyday life.

Espadrille is ideal for long daily walks. To be honest, the comfort they offer is simply irresistible! Espadrilles offer a very unique look what is another great plus. Before moving on looking at some of the greatest street style outfits, we want to mention that these shoes are worn exclusively barefoot. Anyway, we are here to show you some favorite clothing combinations to try this year. Let’s start…

Animal Printed Espadrilles

P How about wearing printed or patterned espadrilles?  You can try them on with a black outfit (tee plus denim shorts) and finish the look by adding beige handbag and mirrored sunglasses, or you can go for a boyfriends look by teaming your leopard espadrilles with ripped and cuffed boyfriends jeans, simple white tee and leather black jacket.

Wedge Espadrilles

Wedge Espadrilles, we may say that they really look chicer and more elegant. Accordingly, the pieces they come matched with should also be chic and feminine and in this respect you may try out the dresses and skirts made of linen and cotton as it should be elegant. Because they nicely combine the peculiarities of the casual comfort and chic, many ladies, including the popular celebs pick them for their everyday looks. All types of pants and jeans are recommended in this case, too. Dresses with sporty inspirations may also be matched with wedge espadrilles.

Flat Espadrilles

They are ideal to be used for adding some chic, accentuating the uniqueness and, of course, securing the comfort. Since they are generally made of some natural materials, they also match garments and details made of naturals as well. And this refers not only to the flats, but also to the options on wedges. Cotton, linen and all the types of mixes based on these options may be great.

Coming to dresses, we may also recommend them as nice play pairs with flat espadrilles, since they will accentuate your charm and beauty. Shirtdresses, straight options, and A-lines are a definite do in this respect.

Many top leading brands like Fendi women’s espadrilles, Prada women espadrilles are really reliable and money worthy to buy. Next time, when you are shopping footwear just try the Espadrilles to experience the casual, relaxed and laid-back looks.



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