Handmade – True Value of Money and Comfort


Shoes convey a lot about your personality. In case of handmade shoes, its definitely conveys something unique about shoes. We all are aware that handmade shoes are bit costlier than machine made shoes.  Its true because handmade shoes renders some unique features which machine made shoes fails to give.

Right Sized Footwear: Like our hand’s palm, our feet also unique. It needs a right sized shoe that fits your feet so well. In handmade shoes you can find shoes which are rightly made to fit your feet, its exclusively designed for you. Some people would have undergone some operations or injury; they need customized shoes to relieve them from pain and to soothe their feet when they walk.

Quality Assurance: Handmade shoes may cost slightly high. Quality assurance implies higher cost on shoes. They use quality leather and sole as you can use it for a longer period when compared to machine made shoes.

Unique designs: Machine made shoes come in various designs and patterns but they are used by wide range of people. Same kind shoes can be worn by your friend or your fashion- competitor. To stand out in the crowd it’s always preferred to use the customized design exclusively crafted for you.

Comfort: Machine means speed, reasonable production prices but it’s doubtful on quality and comfort. If the shoe contains only good, natural materials, like a real handmade does, it won’t smell even after a long, hard day. It’s comfortable to wear for any condition whether it’s hot or too cold.

Everyone said well-made shoes, properly cared for, should last years, maybe even decades. Buying high quality is a cost saver in the long run. The makers suggest frequent polishing, with resoling and re-heeling when necessary. They also suggest not wearing the same shoes every day so that shoes can dry out between wearing.

It is challenging to build a life with fewer, better made things. But now I can see there are makers here to help…every step of the way.