Car Shoes – To Provide Comfortable Driving Experience

car shoes

Finding the right car shoes is very important. Besides your hands coming in contact with the steering wheel, your feet are the other item to control the car. Buying the right car shoe then is a very good idea if you want the most out of each driving experience. Sure, you can wear a pair of sneakers or some dress shoes, but they just weren’t designed for driving.

The intersection of car culture and fashion is producing resurgence in driving shoes. Apparel experts say the driving-shoe category, though small, is growing rapidly and has become a rare bright spot in the generally sagging shoe business as office attire adapts to casual Friday policies. Styles range from colorful suede sneakers found mainly in car-enthusiast catalogs to animal-print loafers from Italian maker Tod’s.  Driving shoes are seen as edgier as and more modern than the stodgy, preppy boat shoes they often replace.

Wearing shoes not suitable for driving can cause serious accidents on the road and in the workplace. Your brand new pair of shoes might look fantastic but obviously you can’t wear them to drive a car, or a forklift truck, or any other form of vehicle in a working environment. Pay attention to the sole. Driving footwear must have a sole thin enough to feel the amount of pedal pressure needed to meet the necessary braking and accelerating. You operate the brake and the accelerator by your heel that’s why it is naturally that high-heeled shoes are unsuitable for this, as they elevate the heel and tamper with the pedal operation.

These slip-ons are designed for driving, not walking. They are usually softly constructed from a supple leather or suede, which is meant to be worn comfortably without socks. They usually have flat bottoms with grippy rubber “grommets” (as pioneered by Tods) rather than heeled soles that could get caught on the edge of the pedals. Not all workplace cultures are ready for some of the brighter driving styles. Some styles look so much like slippers that people may think you left home in a rush. Always try to wear exclusively designed car shoe for driving to ensure your safety.